Rothko Research Ltd. provides frequent analysis and updates on the current global macro themes. Looking at the financial markets from different perspectives, using either economic, political or financial factors, we are not afraid to go against the general consensus and challenge the conventional wisdom.

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  1. great articles and studies, that contribute not only to traders but also to understanding the overall reality of the market.

  2. Hi! I am Yang, a first year student from LSE who has a passion for macro trading. To complete my understanding of different asset classes, I have started researching each of them. I would like to share my findings and compiled data on the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen with you. The findings include: 

    – statistical and seasonality properties of USD and JPY
    – Frameworks to analyse long term USD movements (Core-peripheral model, commodity-currency peg, etc)
    – Unique characteristics of the Yen (reflexivity in JPY, is JPY still a safe haven etc)
    – Historical trend overview from the 1970s – 2020s for USD and JPY
    – Leading and coincident Indicators of USDJPY
    and more..

    Would be great if you can share your email to me so that I can share my findings with you. Hope my research is able to bring some new insights to you.

    P.S: I expect nothing in return , but it would be great if you are willing to give me some feedback on my research — what’s not done well, what more do you want to know, anything. That would be much appreciated 🙂 

Kind Regards

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